Rules2015 Canoe Slalom Pyrenees Cup
April 24th to 27th
Pau, Stade d'eau vive Pau Pyrénées
April 28th to 3rd may
La Seu d'Urgell, Parc Olímpic del Segre

C2M, K1W, K1M, C1W and C1M

Nominal Entries


20th April


World Ranking Race: 6 boats per category per Nation by his NNFF in  ICF online system:

Others athletes: 60 invites, priority to young athletes who participate in all competitions. Entries can be personal or for your club

Maximum number of participants in total: 300 paddlers

All paddlers must have an updated national federation license when they confirm their entry, and must designate a Team Manager

General Classification
All paddlers that participated in all competitions
Competition format

ICF rules: Heats, one semifinal run and one final run.

All paddlers of ICF World Ranking will pass according to ICF progression.

Pyrenees Cup paddlers who are outside the limits in each category will be excluded.
Participation Fee

20 € per paddler, category and competition

THREE COMPETITIONS  45€  per paddler and per category by cash

In Pau: French Judges

In La Seu d’Urgell: Spanish Judges
Course design
1 French + 1 Spanish in every competition
You must participate in the three competitions for final standings
0 point to the winner of each competition
2 points to second in each competition
3 points to the third of each competition
Final standings: Sum of points earned in all competitions
In case of tie, this will be resolved by the sum of the final results of the three competitions.

Francis Cohort, Francesc Ganyet and Chief Judge of the competition


-Medal for the top three in each category

-Trophy for the best competitor in each category

-In addition, there will be a gift to all participants and

-5 hours of free training for all competitors:

2h in Pau plus 3h in La Seu d’Urgell

Other information

Boat storage will be placed in venues

Free wireless internet access will be available

Free access pass and car parking near venues will be guaranteed

Implementació: EBS Internet