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International Pyrenees Cup
Canoe Slalom

La Seu d'Urgell (ESP) - Pau (FRA)

9-10 March 2024

16-17 March 2024

Pyrenees International Cup is a Canoe Slalom competition held between two venues: Parc Olímpic del Segre in La Seu d'Urgell (ESP) and Parc Aquasports in Pau (FRA).

Four days of competition in two different venues. Canoe Slalom & Extreme Canoe Slalom.

This is the International Canoe Federation Ranking Race held in the Pyrenees.

The age group is Senior.

Parc Olímpic del Segre

The Parc Olímpic del Segre is constructed in a branch of the river Segre, which was re-channeled after the damage caused by the exceptional flood of 1982. The slalom course’s specific features are as follows:


•Length: 300 m

•Drop: 6,5 m

•Flow: 10 m3/s

•Course features: concrete bottom, banks and obstacles of natural boulders

•Spectators’ capacity: 5.000 people


The Competition Course is accompanied by a beginner’s course which is 130 m long with a drop of 1,5 m. The designed flow ranges from 3 to 10 m3/s.


The design of the artificial canals includes a system of complementary canals and mechanical conveyor belts which enable canoeists to return to their starting point without having to leave their boats. The dynamic conception of the whole facilities leads to intensive use all year round and separation of canoeists according to their levels of skill and ability.


The drop in the Slalom course is created naturally via channels that branch from the river Segre, with a very gentle slope. The feeder canal, 165 in length, and mainly the flat water canal, 650 m in length and 20 m in width, are set aside for training in flat water canoeing and the necessary practice that sport lovers require in waters with a steady current.


Parc de la Roca del Call

Ponts has a tradition of over 25 years organizing white water canoe slalom competition events and since 2012; the city is proud of its brand-new white-water course which offers a new dimension in terms of competition hosted.


Ponts White Water stadium is constructed in a Segre River. The slalom course specific features are as follows:


•Length : 300m

•Breadth :8 - 10 m

•Drop : 4 m from start to finish

•Flow : 20 m3


The flow will be regulated by hydroelectric equipment located within 3 km upstream of the venue.


We have already hosted the 2012 and 2013 National Slalom Championship and other regional competitions.


The whitewater stadium is also becoming an ideal place for training for teams of Spain and many foreign nations.


The 2017Segre Canoe Slalom Cup will be held at the renowned Site of Ponts and sustains the development of whitewater activities which are an important vector of local tourism

Parc Aquasports - Pau

The Pau Pyrenees White Water Stadium is constructed in a branch of the river « gave de Pau » and lets its users choose between 3 different ways of functioning : gravitational, mixed (part of the water is recirculated) or only with pomps.

The slalom course specific features are as follows:

  • Length : 280m

  • Breath : 15m

  • Height drop : 2%, 4,8m from start to finish

  • Flow : 7 to 14 m3

  • Conveyors belt transports participants from finish to start point without leaving boats

  • Courses features: concrete bottom, banks and obstacles of natural boulders

  • Spectators capacity : 8 000 people

  • Startpool : 5 000 m²

  • Finishing Lake: 1800 m²


Athlete also have the possibility to gather the « gave de Pau » from our finishing lake via a 200m long course equipped with gates. This part of the stadium is also used as a warmer / beginners course.


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